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The Craftmanship

The Tiny Factory consists of me, Sibylle and ‘The Tiny Team’. We all have in common creative enthusiasm, a high demand for quality, attention to detail and a strong sense for aesthetics. All of this manifests itself in everything we do here at The Tiny Factory.

Our work requires a lot of devotion. While Karin, Käroly and Pablo take care of the oven at the John Baker Bakery, Melanie, Debbie and many more helping hands handle the countless further steps of production.

A sustainable production and the use of organic ingredients and environmentally friendly materials are some of our key values. We bake, print & stamp in Zurich.



Our Story  

I am Sibylle, the founder and driving force behind The Tiny Factory. I live in Zurich but a part of my heart still is in San Francisco, where I worked as a barista and got in touch with Granola for the first time. Once back in Zurich I started roasting my own fabulous blend of nuts.

I worked around my recipe always trying to improve it, while offering my family and friends constant culinary delights. In 2015 I decided that it was now the time to follow my family and friends’ advice and startet The Tiny Factory.

Me and my growing team are looking forward to please you with our crunchy organic Granola-mixture.  


The Tiny Factory GmbH  /  8032 Zürich  /  078 829 99 44  /  Say Hello!

photos: Andreas Graber